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Short Review of NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S

NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S.,

Nikon says " this is One of its kind Lens equipped with two stepping motors (STMs), and delivering the highest level of optical performance of the S-Line, expect nothing short of excellence.

An all-new ultra-symmetrical lens structure has been made possible by adopting the Z mount system’s 55mm large diameter and 16mm short flange distance. Now, achieving superior point image reproduction is just that easy. But that’s not all, nail every scene regardless of the lighting scenario – thanks to the employment of Nano Crystal Coat and ARNEO Coat that effectively minimises ghosting and flares."

When Nikon introduced NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.2 S, I was excited to try this lens, I was hoping to get one copy for testing and reviewing but unfortunately couldn't get my hands on this beauty. So i finally decided to get one for myself.

When i first got this lens , I was very much impressed with the Build quality it felt very solid & slightly heavier in my hands but over the time i got use to it..

I won’t be going into technical details of this lens and rather will be sharing my on field experience with this lens..

After getting this lens the very First shoot with this lens was a commercial portrait shoot , while shooting i could notice the sharpness wide open, the punchy contrast & details in the images but after wrap up when i got back to editing table and was going through the images, I was awestruck with the results..

Most of all the above images were shot wide open @1.2 with only available light .The contrast is too punchy , sharpness is incredible & rending of out of focus area is so beautiful.

Next we move to another location and tried this lens in low light conditions using off camera lighting... to my surprise this lens was resolving such fine details & delivering such incredible result that i forget my favorite lens the F mount nikon 105/1.4 ED

After using this for commercial shoot i used this for 2/3 pre weddings & weddings .. And this lens has become my New fav lens from Nikon S Line up.

Application of Nano Crystal Coat and ARNEO Coat that effectively minimises ghosting and flares.

The contrast & Punchiness is so evident that i have to reduce the contrast & saturation in few of my images in post-production.

One of my fav aspect of this lens was the rendering of out of focus area, it is so beautiful & pleasing to eyes.

After seeing all the above images i think you might have got the idea of how amazingly this lens perform, however there are few downsides to it as well..

first of all this is not a walk around or everyday lens. Compare to Nikon Z 50/1.8 S It is a heavy lens & comes with a hefty price tag..

However with Its incredible speed and accuracy it is perfect for fashion, commercial, wedding & pre wedding shoots..

In wedding also i won’t be lugging around with this lens whole day. if i am using two bodies I would rather use it for bride getting ready & couple shoots..

this will be ideal for cinematographers looking for 1.2 lens with incredible quality & beautiful bokeh

In Short If you are looking for ultimate quality Glass & dont mind the prize tag it comes with , then this lens is worth investing in..

for Everyone else Nikon's Own Z mount 50/1.8 S is the best 1.8/50mm lens Nikon ever produced..

For me this is My Current Favourite lens taking over from F mount Nikon 105/1.4 ED


Bhushan Patil.


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