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  • How did you get into weddings?

I started as a travel photographer with love for clicking landscape & people, My intrest in clicking people brought me to wedding photography, for initiial period I assited few pro photographer during wedding & taken up their wedding assignments on my own

since last 4 years I am shooting wedding with my team all over india. 

  • What’s your style?

Our style is most often described as “creative documentary.”  we photograph your day as it unfolds naturally without interference from us. However, we also put a lot of energy and time into your “creative portraits,” which are the photos of just the two of you. We look for interesting light, angles and backgrounds, and often use unusual, experimental techniques to turn your wedding portraits into works of art.


  • We wish we could meet with you, but we don’t live in Pune, Is there an alternative?

The majority of our couples hire us without an in-person meeting. We are very quick, and very thorough, with emails and are able to answer most questions that way. However, we are happy to talk with you on the phone or skype. A lot of of our out-of-town clients have done this, and we love it! 


  • How do we arrange your travel?

We will book our own airfare, hotel and transportation,  you need to reimburce it , or if you can manage the things .


  • Will you travel for engagement sessions as well?

We are happy to come to your town or meet you at a fabulous destination of your choice. Please contact us for specific information.


  • Do you photograph details and family group photos?

Yes! A wedding photography collection would not be complete without good details and family photos, and we take all the photographs you would expect out of any wedding photographer. But our goal is to also go past those expectations and give you photographs that you never even imagined.


  • My fiancé is uncomfortable having his picture taken. How can you help him on the wedding day? 

We are very calm, mellow people who tend to blend into the scene rather than bring attention to ourselves and our cameras. That, combined with our documentary style, will have you both used to us within the first half-hour of your getting-ready time. Most couples tell us it felt like we were just one of the gang, hanging out with everyone. The only time you’ll really be aware of the cameras is during the family group photo and the creative portraits, and during this time we will guide you through everything. You can just be yourselves, and we will take care of the rest.


  • What do you do if we have an outdoor venue and it rains on our wedding day?

Most venues will offer you a rain plan with a backup indoor location. We easily adapt to any situation. Our favorite wedding photos have a lot more to do with your personalities and your chemistry as a couple, than what kind of background you’re standing in front of. If you are happy and in love, that will show in your photos. We see rain as a fun, adventurous twist that usually brings laughter and spontaneity.


  • Should I give you a shot list?

When you contact us about shooting your wedding, we will send you a full gallery of a real wedding to look through. You will see that we are very thorough with our coverage, including photos of your dress, jewelry, shoes, flowers, food and reception décor. There is no need to give us a shot list. The only list we will ask for is your list of family group shots.

  • How many photographers will be at my wedding?

We always have at least two photographers at each wedding. The second photographer is chosen from a short list of very talented people we are used to working with. The second photographer is responsible for documenting the event in more traditional way, providing a second angle on the ceremony and covering the reception sometimes assisting the lead photographer with off-camera lighting for creative portraits. The same applies for our videographer .

  • When will we see our photographs? 

Because we take such care in making sure all your edited photographs will look great for years to come, completion takes about 3 -4 weeks for soft copies &  1 more week for album afer your shortlist the group photos. 

  •  How does your album looks

we shorlist best of the photos which are technically correct, has essence of emotions & ashtetically apealing, we design them in form of simple collage with different forms,  (you need to shorlist only guest  group photos) and get it printed from our trsuted partenrs like canvera, mazda etc, we provide them in form of a fluh mount lay flat photobook in different sizes. , you can have a look at these images for referemce. or can check our sample album.

  • Do we get RAW files  as well?

No ! You don’t .  We shortlist the correct photos, carefully edit them in our style & deliver it in form of  full resoluton JPEG files.   Asking a photographer raw files is like asking a writer his rough pages , we belive in delivering finih products. 

However, on occasion we may provide RAW images along with our post-produced JPG’s for an additional fee and restrictions.


  • What should we wear or bring to our couple shoot session?

Whatever you do, please don’t wear matching white shirts and stone-washed jeans. Matching is not cool anymore. Wear something awesome. Go buy a new outfit you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel like a bad-ass. Please do not wear what you wear to your corporate job or anything formal.   Hopefully you understand that it’s not about your clothes, its about your love for each other. So please don’t bring suitcases full of clothes to your session. Just be awesome.

  • What kind of cameras do you have?

we have Nikon Full frame Mirrorless  Z6  & nikon full frame D750 & prime lenses.

  • How many wedding photos will I get?

A minimum of 600 photos from your 8 hour wedding . & 40 photos from couple shoot session. We say that to be safe, but it usually ends up being way more:)

How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?

Getting ready : 20 min. 

Indivisual portraits: 20 min , ideal time : morning :  Ideal Location – Bridal Suite, Hotel Suite, Venue Lobby, or Venue Garden

Couple session : 20 min,  ideal time : morning :  Ideal Location – Bridal Suite, Hotel Suite, Venue Lobby, or Venue Garden

  • How do we hire you?

Use the contact tab at the top of each page to reach us with questions about pricing, products and availability.  Provide us details of your events like ,  shedule of events , type of event,  kind of coverage (i.e. candid /traditional photo,   traditional/cinematic video etc) 

  • What is required to book your date?

We require 50% down along with your contract to book the date. The final 50% in 1 week after wedding date.

  • What rights do I have to the digital prints?

A: You have the right to reprint images whenever you want. However you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of Bhushan Patil Photography

  • Do you guys provide framing services as well?

A: We do not provide framing services, however, we can provide you with recommendations good vendors  where you can get it done.

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